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Glass Art & Ceramics

Below are images of both fine glass art and handmade ceramic artworks.  Because the majority of our artwork is original, we encourage you to visit the gallery to view our most current available works.  CONTACT US for addtional information and images.

The art of glassblowing has always been a fascinating craft and continues to intrigue many art enthusiasts.  Our handblown glass collection is an eclectic mix of works from acclaimed American and European glassblowers.  We have sculptural one-of-a-kind pieces including platters, bowls, vases, and glassware that radiate brilliance when lit.  No two works are ever exactly alike and many pieces are signed by the artist.

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Ceramics created by hand are one of our favorite art forms.  Like old friends, our whimsical animals and inspirational tiles can always be found at the gallery to brighten your spirits.  These works are meticulously crafted and then hand-painted with vibrant colors.  Other ceramic works like vases and trays are also part of our gallery collection. We continually add new and interesting pieces from all over the country.

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